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Inline Packaging designs, develops and produces specialized packaging for microwave foods.  The team at Inline Packaging is made up of packaging professionals who originated many of the innovations in microwave packaging over the last 30 years. Collectively we have been awarded 27 patents on microwave packaging and processing.

Inline Packaging's state of the art converting lines are custom engineered to produce microwave packaging in a one step process. Inline Packaging is the only company formed solely to supply the food industry with performance enhancing microwave food packaging

Susceptor - Microwave Crisping Technology
The term susceptor is used to describe "active" packaging that heats when exposed to microwave energy. By absorbing microwave energy and converting it to high surface temperatures, susceptor packaging crisps and browns a wide variety of foods. Susceptors can also be temperature controlled to speed cooking and improve product texture.

Our innovative packaging designs and equipment
technologies allow us to create susceptors to
fit the needs of your unique food product.

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