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Superceptor™ is a revolutionary concept in microwave susceptor packaging. Superceptor™ supercharges the heat output of a conventional metallized susceptor for foods that are difficult to crisp such as pizzas, eggrolls, and sandwiches. Superceptor™ puts extra heat where you need it assuring lightning fast cooking without over cooking edges and ends.

How is Superceptor™ different? While appropriate for many applications, conventional susceptors have just one temperature output. This is like having a car with no gas pedal. In addition to having no temperature regulation, conventional susceptors often do not generate enough heat to achieve adequate browning and crisping. Conventional demetallized susceptors address this constant heat output issue by reducing heat in areas that tend to overcook. While this can be effective, the result is slower preparation time and improper browning.

Superceptor™ addresses these shortcomings by increasing heat in areas such as the center of a pizza or the middle of an eggroll. Superceptor™ will achieve results comparable to conventional cooking with the speed and convenience of microwave cooking.

Pizza Crust cooked
with Inline Packaging

Pizza Crust
cooked with
plain susceptor

  • Variable heat output
  • Achieves even cooking by adding heat in select areas
  • Dark areas have increased heat
  • Higher temperature output than metallized
  • Highest performance

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