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POPZ - 2006 Vacuum Metallized or Coated Product Winners

On shelves crowded with products screaming for attention, these metallized packages and labels stand out and conquer the competition!

"AIMCAL Metallized Package and Label awards provide tangible evidence of leadership within your industry. It shows your employees, customers, suppliers and competitors that you are the company of choice when strategic procurement or sales decisions are made."
- Bill Foley, Vacumet Corp

Food Category: Technical Award
Vacumet Corp., Plastics Division
Product: POPZ Microwave Popcorn

In the Food Category, the Technical Award went to Vacumet Corp., Plastics Division, Wayne, New Jersey, for a liquid-tight paperboard tub that doubles as a cooking/serving bowl and provides six-month shelf life for POPZ Microwave Popcorn from Soller LLC, Bennettsville, South Carolina. The package base consists of 17-point solid bleached sulfate (SBS) adhesive-laminated to a high barrier aluminum-oxide-coated polyester equipped with a demetallized Camcrisp susceptor manufactured by Amcor Flexibles-Camvac, Thetford, U.K., and distributed exclusively in North and South America by Vacumet. The base is attached to a 20-point sleeve of clay-coated-one-side SBS flexographically printed in five colors plus varnish using water-based adhesive at the front and heat sealing at the back in a patented process on a custom-built machine. Popcorn is filled on top of the susceptor and covered with an opaque heat-sealable barrier film, which seals to the circumference of the base and up the sides of the sleeve. As the popcorn pops, the film balloons. The sleeve features a wavy diecut top edge, diecut tab on one side, which is pulled up to serve as a handhold to aid in removing the film after popping. Other vendors involved in the project include converter Inline Packaging LLC, Princeton, Minnesota; substrate supplier Dupont (U.K.) Ltd., Dumfries, U.K.; and package designer Jeffrey T. Watkins, Princeton, Minnesota. The nestable design provides four side walls for graphics yet minimizes shipping costs.

Judges were impressed by the complexity of the package, its ability to contain liquid oil and its two-piece design, which provides a more economical way to produce the susceptor.

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